An epic war between the two kingdom's elite soldier unit called Duelist's of the Roses.
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 Rose Template

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Zian Esperanza

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PostSubject: Rose Template   Sun May 25, 2008 8:56 am

Every Duelist of the Cassius and Victoria kingdom's are sent into their own respective gardens. The Ru'Lude Gardens are the Victorian's and the Cassius where destroyed and burnt during the war. It is thought that Colombia could also have duelists sense they are thought to be the third rose kingdom but nothing has proven that fact yet.

Each rose has a designed master if someone that's not spiritually bonded to the flower will pierce his/her hand as if they grabbed a thorn where there are no thorn's present. When a duelist dies their rose will die also turning into dust.

Each rose has one main power called the Petal Ability and several others called Thorn Ability’s as the duelist’s power increases. For example if someone had a fire related rose. Then their main power might be manipulating fire and as the user increases in power they will be able to create it and decrease, increases the intensity.

Rose Name: (What is this rose’s name?)

User: (Who’s the user?)

Rose Color: (The color? Red if you’re a Victorian White if you’re a Cassius.)

Petal Ability: (What is the main ability? This doesn’t mean it’s the most powerful despite being the main one.)

Thorn Ability: (What is the first ability that comes with this rose?)

[u][b]Rose Name:[/b][/u]


[u][b]Rose Color:[/b][/u]

[u][b]Petal Ability:[/b][/u]

[u][b]Thorn Ability:[/b][/u]
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Rose Template
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