An epic war between the two kingdom's elite soldier unit called Duelist's of the Roses.
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 Zian Esperanza

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Zian Esperanza

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Kingdom : Victoria
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PostSubject: Zian Esperanza   Sat May 24, 2008 10:15 pm

First/Last name: Zian Esperanza

Kingdom Allegiance: Victorian

Age: 21 (Birthday October 19th)

Appearance: Dirty blond hair that reaches down his neck. Blue bright eyes and pearly white teeth. He also almost always wears his white rose duelist suit.

Personality: Cold, heartless stops at nothing to get what he wants when ever he wants. He has a Strategic mind and tends to over analyze simple things at times. Zian is a natural born speaker and leader, resulting in many of Victoria's campaigns against the Caaaiun kingdom. His quiet and the few times he does speak his often very sarcastic haveing a twisted sense of humor.

Occupation: Leader of the 28th Victorian Unit, next in line for Victorian throne.

History: Zian was considered the protege of the Esperanza family joinning the Duelist ranks at the age of fourteen and leading it at seventeen makeing him the youngest Duelist during his time. Zian is a battle hardened veteran of many battles includeing his most famous campaign called the Bloody Harvest. Where he slain half of a opposeing rebel army by himself.
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Zian Esperanza
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